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Track Pads

Long-lasting, labor-saving track pads put money in your pocket.

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Rubber Tracks

Fast track replacement rubber tracks maximize uptime.

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Undercarriage Parts

Get the right part every time with BLS undercarriage experts.

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BLS Poly-MG Track Pads

Protect asphalt surfaces from steel track damage

BLS POLY-MG® Track Pads combine the durability of polyurethane with the affordability of rubber. Durable mid-grade track pads offer excellent traction and surface protection that is perfect for lightweight asphalt pavers. BLS POLY-MG Track Pads last longer than rubber track pads that often need replacing after only one season.

BLS POLY-MG polyurethane track pads are available for customers who need a product with the strength of polyurethane combined with the affordability of rubber. The result is a type of polyurethane track pad called BLS POLY-MG. This product is available in the bolt-on and triple-bar grouser configurations, and is targeted at light to medium weight asphalt pavers, like Mauldin, Gilcrest, Leeboy, Miller Formless and Power Curbers. BLS recommends premium grade polyurethane TUFPADS Track Pads for heavier machines and long-term applications.

- A longer operational lifetime than rubber track pads
- The strength of polyurethane combined with the affordability of rubber

- Longer lasting than rubber track pads
- Won't chunk or shred off of the steel grousers like rubber track pads

Lightweight asphalt pavers, such as those made by Barber-Greene, Caterpillar, Gilcrest, Mauldin, Leeboy and others

TUFPADS Blues Track Pads
BLS Polyurethane Bonded TUFPADS
Mid-Grade Poly
High Quality Rubber (HQRPADS)
Artliner-BLS Bolt-On and Clip-On Rubber
Stabilizer Pads

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